Curecity is our curiosity related to cure of human well being. Curecity is aWe offer a medical search engine which acts as a interactive digital directory to find the best doctors for health related problems/ailments/advisory and opinions in an Individual’s vicinity, on the flip side Curecity assists doctors and other health professionals to digitize their healthcare services while providing upated news and information of development in Medical World.

  • Healthcare round the clock which means a 24X7 facility to access the best doctors and healthcare services at any point of time, and anywhere across the globe.
  • Thousands of verified doctors and other healthcare professionals on Curecity
  • Reviews, rating and personalized and professional opinions about Doctors, Hospital, Medical Facilities and other Health services
  • Saves time and money for healthcare consultancy
  • No more carrying hefty medical records as Curecity facilitates to record all medical documents digitally and to share with the doctors at just one click
  • Connected globally 24*7.
  • Help them Digitize their practice to reach easily to the patients.
  • Enhance their healthcare center’s visibility in the digital world by adding related information along with photos and videos.
  • Online profile for each doctor on top notch healthcare platform – free of cost.
  • Makes it easy for them to answer patient’s queries online and provide them on spot consultation which helps them grow their visibility digitally.
  • Empowers doctors to share healthcare tips related with their specialization and thus help them establish as a renowned healthcare expert.
  • Promote your healthcare events to get more potential reach.
  • Analyze their healthcare practice by reviews and star rating, given by the patients.
  • Doctors can revert back on the reviews, through comment section, to make their patients more contented and open to clarify their doubts.
  • Personlized messenger including Doctor’s Time Line to assess the developments.
  • Connect to the best doctor easily in your vicinity.
  • Best Doctors/ Best Hospitals/ Best Healthcare Services based on the user reviews.
  • Contact to your doctor – anytime and anywhere.
  • Maintain your ERM – electronic medical record.
  • No more carrying thick medical files – every time you visit a doctor.
  • Give your rating and reviews regarding your healthcare experience.
  • Save time and money spent on consultant.
  • Free servicesFree services for lifetime.

Apart from the Allopathic services, we have

  • Ayurveda practitioner
  • Homeopathy professionals
  • Naturopathy specialists
  • Dietitians
  • Gym Instructor
  • Yoga Therapist
  • Dance and other fitness Consultant.
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Gyms
  • Yoga Centers
  • Massage Centers/Spa
  • Other Care Centers
  • Doctor Search – User can search a doctor by browsing through location, specialty, direct by name and even by experience.
  • Clinic Search – User can seek for clinics or hospitals by browsing location, specialty and direct by name.
  • Other healthcare centers – This includes Ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, gyms, yoga centers, etc. user can raise a query by browsing through location, specialty, and direct by name of a particular healthcare center.
  • Second opinion search - Here a patient can search it through locations, specialty and also by name.
  • Search by body parts – On CureCity, user can even search healthcare professionals by clicking on the ailing organ system for which medical assistance is required

A second opinion can be visit to a physician other than the one a patient has previously been consulting in order to get more information or to hear a differing point of view.

  • When the treatment is very dicey or obnoxious.
  • When the diagnosis is not clear.
  • When the treatment is experimental.
  • When there is no established consensus or food and drug administration-approved treatment.
  • When an individual is considered as a participant in a trial for a new drug
  • What is DRM?
  • Digital record management is a simple and authentic system of maintaining User (patient) records and medical history in a chronological manner, which is uploaded at Curecity digital platform.
  • How DRM works and benefits Users?
  • User (patient) can easily uploads the medical prescriptions and past diagnosis on his Curecity profile.
  • Easy and unlimited record storage.
  • Doctors and users both can access the medical records from anywhere in the world, as and when required.
  • Doctors can refer the medical history in cases of longer and continual treatments.
  • What is this Rate/Review system?
  • A first in Health care industry, this unique rate/review system empowers a user (patient) to rate his doctor credentials and treatment along with a review, which will provide a transparent platform for all parties to assess and decide the best option available. where doctors are upper hand and their prescriptions and medical assistance are always regarded, irrespective of their not so 100% accurate cure in many cases.
  • How this Rate/Review system works?
  • A user can write reviews about his doctor on his profile and can share digitally.
  • Reviews are purely based on his satisfaction level and empowers him to attach videos/pictures (optional) to support his statements.
  • After posting the reviews, the user is free to rate his doctor on the scale of 1-5 as per the following criteria----
  • Expertise
  • CleanlinessHygeine
  • Behaviour
  • Attitude
  • Qualification
  • Rate/Review system Policy?
  • This policy comes with a strict disclaimer to provide a transparent and conducive platform, as this system empowers the users to rate Doctors, but not to harass or defame them without any purpose.
  • Once the review is posted by the User, it will be auto sent to the Curecity moderator for his consideration and same will go to the Doctors for his response.
  • The moderator will check the decency of language and proceed for publication.
  • In case the language is found foul & inappropriate, it will be auto deleted.
  • The review can be posted by the patients, who have experienced consultation from their respective Doctors.
  • Along with posting reviews, the user can even rate the healthcare services, on the basis of hygiene, expertise and behavior.
  • Yes, the particular review will be moderate and examine by the admin of the site before making it live on the site.

By following your favorite doctor, you will stay connected with him and will receive all the information shared by that particular doctor which includes healthcare tips, healthcare events, etc.


Our proficient and dedicated technical team is always there to provide all the assistance regarding security of doctor/user details and other assets.


Our proficient and dedicated technical team is always there to provide all the assistance regarding security of doctor/user details and other assets.


Yes, you heard it correctly. CureCity doesn’t charge even a single penny from either the patients or the doctors. Its free for lifetime for everyone.


You can either contact us through our email id – info@curecity.com . Or by submitting all the vital information on the contact-us page http://www.curecity.in/contact-us.php.

  • In case, you don’t find your health services desired!
  • In case, you don’t find your doctor!
  • In case, you are not satisfied with the Doctor reviews!
  • In case, the contact details of the Doctor is not right!
  • In case, any suggestions and feedbacks to be posted!
  • Mail us on– info@curecity.com
  • If the doctor shows his disagreement then?
  • Doctor’s reply to the review will be posted at the portal and app to present his view point. We believe in freedom of speech without infringing rights of others.
  • Does ratings affect the ranking of Doctors in search results?
  • Yes, it does affect the rating.

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